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It’s spring, flowers are blooming, love is too, and the Vision Australia Library has you covered for all of the romance (novels) you could need this season. From sci-fi to comedy, from classics to contemporary, Vision Australia has a variety of love stories to choose from, and we’ve taken the liberty of creating a list of recommendations for our readers.

Romance at the Vision Australia Library

Deep in the Valley by Robyn Carr

Grace Valley, California, is the quintessential country town: Unlocked doors, front porches, pies cooling on window sills.

For June Hudson, daughter of the town doctor, it’s home. She left only to complete her medical training, and having returned, her work is her life, an her patients are her family. It’s fortunate, too, because Grace Valley isn’t exactly the place to meet eligible men – Until an undercover DEA agent arrives in town.

Everybody in Grace Valley has secrets. Now, June has one too.

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Daphne Bridgerton has never been good at following the rules. In a society defined by them, her amiability, honesty, and unwillingness to play the usual games of the Ton have a detrimental impact upon her marriage prospects.

Enter Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, bachelor, and best friend to Daphne’s brother. He’s determined to remain unmarried, to avoid the matchmaking mothers and their simpering daughters, and Daphne is the perfect solution.

The plan? A false courtship. He’ll be considered ineligible, and Daphne’s reputation will soar. It’s foolproof – Until it isn’t.

The Duke and I is the first in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series.

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by Marian Keyes

Lucy Sullivan is 26, with a dead-end job, a penchant for bad boys, and a perpetually empty wallet. She’s also single, so when a fortune teller informs her that she’ll be married in 12 months, Lucy is skeptical. As her friends’ fortunes start coming true, however, she begins to believe her own might come true, as well. What follows is a search through London for Lucy’s Mr. Right.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

In 1987, 15-year-old Aristotle meets Dante. Together, they each grapple with their identity, and with questions of race, ethnicity, and sexuality.

In a time and place where not everyone will be kind to people like them - because of the colour of their skin, because of their names, because of who they love - they still have each other.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Lara Jean writes letters to all the boys she’s ever loved. Not to send them, but to express her feelings, and to let them go - But then her letters are sent. What follows is a series of mistakes and misunderstandings as Lara Jean struggles to deal with the fallout.

Through it all is Peter – one of the recipients of Lara Jean’s letters – who devises a plan for them to fake date in order to make their respective love interests jealous. Except, in the process, they fall in love with each other.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Moss

When Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, she is dragged to a magical land by a terrifying creature who demands retribution. There, she discovers that her captor isn’t a monster, but one of the immortal faeries who once ruled her world.

As her feelings for Tamlin grow, however, Feyre learns that not all is well in Tamlin’s home – a shadow grows over the fairie lands - and it is up to Feyre to stop it.

Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon

Claire Randall is on a trip to Scotland with her husband, Frank, when she walks into a stone circle and winds up in 1743. As she navigates lairds and spies and the Scottish Highlands, a growing bond with warrior James Fraser forces Claire to question what – and who - is more important to her: Fidelity or desire, 1743 or 1945, James or Frank?

Cross Stitch is the first book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series.

A World Apart by Nora Roberts

Kadra lives only to protect her people. A demon slayer from another world, she was born to fight, and has long since accepted that she would be alone. But when the King of Demons escapes through a portal, Kadra follows – And winds up in modern day New York.

New York City is a strange, bustling place, and even for Kadra, it’s dangerous. The presence of Harper Doyle, a handsome, suspicious Private Investigator destined to help her, only complicates matters.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

One of English Literature’s classic romances, It’s the age old story of hate to love, set in the backdrop of Jane Austin’s England. Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, and their tumultuous journey to the altar, complete with rival prospects, embarrassing relatives, and the threat of social ruin.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, and soon falls in love with her employer. Mr. Rochester has his secrets though, and sometimes love isn’t enough to overcome all odds – Or is it?

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