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'No one wants to hear their child is different and there will be limits to what they can achieve, but that’s what we were told when Amelia was diagnosed with oculocutaneous albinism,’ says Laura, Amelia’s mum.

Fearful parents. Children’s confidence undermined from day one. This is what we’re up against.

How you can help

We believe children who are blind or have low vision can achieve whatever they want. This Christmas, you could help a child like Amelia dream big. It doesn’t matter if their dream changes from one day to the next.

What’s important is that they see a bright future for themselves. And, with your help, we will provide all the support they need to get there—from physiotherapists to occupational therapists.

Courtney, Amelia’s occupational therapist says, ‘A lot of the children I work with are reluctant to try new things, but that soon changes.’

Please help a child like Amelia overcome the challenges that stand in their way and achieve their dreams.

We started work with Amelia when she was just three months old. She’s now eight years old. We’ve seen her take her first steps, say her first words, and grow into an incredible little girl.

At every stage, we’ve been there to help Laura and Daniel understand their daughter’s needs and how best to support her to achieve her next goal.

Amelia has weekly sessions with Courtney at school to help her keep up with her classmates. Right now, there’s a huge focus on reading and writing, which is a challenge for Amelia.

Like many children her age, Amelia loves to draw. For Amelia, there are additional challenges. Her low vision means she has to be very close to the page to see her work.

Amelia used to dream of being a vet. More recently, she’s been inspired to be an artist.

Having a dream gives Amelia something to work for. We encourage her to dream big, and will support her to achieve whatever she sets her heart on.

With your support

  • We can start working with a child and their family from the earliest opportunity.
  • We can provide vital services like occupational therapy and physiotherapy.
  • We can help a child grow in confidence and self-belief, so they don’t only dream big, they also achieve their goals, whatever they are.

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Please send a gift to help a child like Amelia start an amazing journey, gaining skills, confidence and self-belief as they go.