Vision Australia Library’s Let’s Grow! Seed Library is a free subscription program for library members and their families.

The program is a hands-on way for children to experience the delights of gardening, including the tactile experience of planting seeds, feeling plants grow and the smells and tastes of home-grown produce and flowers.

How it works

Seed growing kits are posted to registered members.

Kits are renewed seasonally (every three months), with exciting new fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

Special care will be taken to ensure no one receives the same seed twice so all of our budding gardeners have the opportunity to learn wider techniques and develop their understanding of what’s involved in nurturing plants.

Once a seed has started sprouting, it can be planted still in its biodegradable seedling pot in a larger pot or garden. The rest of the seed growing kit is posted back to the Vision Australia Library.

What’s included in the kits

  • Biodegradable seedling pot
  • Soil pellet
  • QR code for planting instructions
  • Braille planting instructions (on request)
  • Seed envelope (seeds chosen at random)

Green Thumb members will also receive an additional activity.

Seed Library pack including a seedling pot, seeds, and planting instructions

Audio instructions

Audio instructions for seed growing kits are available online. Listen to the instructions here.

The Green Thumb club

For children who are really excited about getting into the garden, Vision Australia Library is launching the Green Thumb Club, with each type of plant successfully cultivated earning the Green Thumb Member a special sticker on their Garden Bingo Card. Once this card is completed, they will receive a prize.

How to register

Registration for Let's Grow is open to all Vision Australia Library Members. The program is aimed toward preschool and school age children, with family groups encouraged to register. To register, fill in the registration form, at the end of this page.


How many seeds will I receive?

Members receive a new seed growing kit every three months for one year. Members will be invited to renew their participation in the Let’s Grow Seed Library annually.

When will I receive my first seed growing kit?

Seed kits are sent out every quarter, so depending on when you join Let’s Grow, you might wait a few weeks before receiving your first kit.

Can I keep my seed?

Yes! Your seed is yours to keep, and once it has started sprouting you can plant it still in its biodegradable seed pot in your own larger pot or garden.

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