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Low Vision Optometry clinic now open

Make the most of your functional vision with specialised advice from our low vision Optometrist.

It’s important to regularly check up on the status of your eye condition, as there are strategies and products that can help you make the most of your remaining vision. Our clinic specialises in optometry services for people who have permanent low vision, which cannot be corrected to normal levels by standard spectacles. A referral is not required and your appointment will be covered by Medicare.

Your appointment

Our Optometrist can:

  • Conduct a comprehensive low vision assessment and provide you with an eye report.
  • Recommend strategies and low vision devices to suit all budgets, to help you to maximise your functional vision.
  • Assess your current lenses and prescribe specialised low vision eyewear, to help optimise your vision.
  • Refer you for support services at Vision Australia, for assistance and strategies to help make it easier to read, complete tasks around the house, prepare meals, get out and about independently and safely, and so much more.


Vision Australia
454 Glenferrie Rd Kooyong, Victoria 3144

Appointments are available Monday to Friday.



Your appointment will be covered by Medicare, and a referral is not required.

How to book an appointment

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To get started, please register your interest and our team will contact you. For queries, call 03 9864 9600 or email [email protected]

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*If your eye condition has changed such that optometry is no longer relevant, we can support you with services to help you live life on your terms. Contact us in order to take the next steps.

Hear how Cheryl makes the most of her vision

Real stories

Vision Australia client Cheryl, shares the big impact that small changes have made on her life with the right supports and services.

"I’ve got a little hand-held magnifier. It’s wonderful... Finally, I could read a menu, because sometimes every single word seems smaller than it should be. And if you’re at the supermarket, you want to make sure you’ve got the right product.”

Listen to Cheryl's story